Deadlines to Appeal Divorce or Child Custody Ruling

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Appellate deadlines are the most important issue in an appeal of a Florida Divorce or Child Custody Decision.  Generally speaking, if an appellate deadline is missed, you lose your ability to appeal the trial court’s order.  Further below are answers to commonly asked questions that Florida Divorce Appeals Lawyers and Child Custody Appellate Lawyers receive when it comes to appellate deadlines.  Clicking on each question below will open a separate web page with a detailed answer to the particular question or explanation of the particular topic.  

Generally speaking, you have thirty days to appeal a divorce or child custody order.  This deadline runs from the date the order was rendered, and can be extended in certain circumstances through filing a valid post-trial motion.  If the other party in the case files a notice of appeal first, your deadline to appeal part of the judge’s order is either the appellate deadline, or 10 days from the date of the first notice of appeal being filed.  

Below are explanations of some of the most commonly asked questions and topics that relate to deadline to appeal divorce child custody:

How long do I have to file a Florida divorce or child custody appeal?

Should I file an appeal even though I think the Florida judge might change the decision in the near future?

Does the deadline to appeal depend on whether the judge’s decision was a final or non-final divorce or child custody order?

 What is a cross appeal and when should I file a cross appeal of a Florida divorce or custody order?

What is the deadline to file a cross appeal in a Florida divorce or child custody case?

What does the term “rendered” and “rendition date” mean?

When can the deadline to appeal a Florida divorce or child custody order be extended?

What is a motion for rehearing?

What happens to the deadline to appeal a Florida child custody or divorce order if I file a motion for rehearing?

What happens to the deadline to appeal a Florida divorce or Florida custody case if the judge amends a final judgment?

Can a Florida divorce judge’s decision ever be changed if I miss the deadline to file an appeal?

What happens if I file my Florida appeal of a divorce or child custody case too early?

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