Appeal Divorce Rulings | A Complete Overview

Before throwing money at lawyers to appeal a divorce ruling  or settlement  custody case understand the laws, deadlines and procedures.

Florida Divorce and Custody Appeals Overview

Knowledge is power.  Before you start throwing money at lawyers to appeal the ruling in your Florida divorce or child custody case you need to understand the laws, deadlines and procedures involved with the process.

For starters, the process of prosecuting an appeal is much different than everything that happened leading up to and including the trial in your divorce or child custody case.  

You should read the Appellate Basics tutorial to learn the major ways that an appellate case is different than what happens at the trial court level.  Click here to learn the Appellate Basics. 


The most important things to “get right” with an appeal is knowing the filing deadline and making sure to appeal all relevant orders.  If you miss the deadline to file your notice of appeal, barring any extreme emergency, you will be “out of luck” as the appeals court will not have jurisdiction to decide your case.  Also, if you fail to include the relevant orders on your notice of appeal, the appeals court might not be able to decide the issues that really matter.  The bottom line is this: make sure you appeal everything that needs to be appealed without missing any deadlines.  For more information, click here for the tutorial on Appellate Deadlines.

Before you file your appeal, you need to be make sure you’ve done the right things with the trial court.  Depending on your situation, it may be preferred, or even required, to raise certain faults with the judge’s ruling in a Petition for Rehearing or Motion for Reconsideration, or to ask the judge to give additional findings to support their ruling.  Everything you need to know about this process can be found by clicking here for the tutorial on Rehearing & Required Findings.

Another preliminary issue that needs to be assessed early on is whether or not your judge’s ruling can be immediately appealed, or if you need to wait until a final order has been entered to pursue an appeal.  A detailed analysis of whether your judge’s ruling is “appealable” can be found by clicking here for the tutorial on What Decisions Can I Appeal?

In some cases, the divorce court judge may have issued a ruling with “irreversible consequences” that cannot be undone if the ruling becomes effective before an appeal is finalized. Fortunately, there is a process for requesting a “stay”, or temporary halt to trial judge’s order becoming effective.  Click here to read everything you need to know about obtaining a stay pending the outcome of your appeal.


The basics of appellate practice and procedure are probably more important for lawyers to understand than for clients to read about.  That said, you will likely be a more comfortable and informed client if you have a basic understanding of the processes involved with each step of your appeal.  For this reason, you should click the links below and read up on the tutorials for appellate briefs, appellate motion practice, oral argument and reviewing and appealing the appeals court’s decision:


Once you understand the basic ground rules and procedures, it is time to go into more detail to learn about appealing specific aspects of your judge’s decision.  Listed below are detailed tutorials on the areas most commonly appealed in Florida divorce and family law cases.  Clicking on the tutorials listed below will take you to a section of the website that explains the topic and most frequently asked questions in greater detail:


After reviewing the material in the Divorce Appeal Guide on this website you should be better position to intelligently evaluate whether or not you should pursue an appeal of the judge’s ruling in your case.  At this point, you should either speak with your current family law attorney or contact an appellate lawyer well versed in Florida’s laws pertaining to divorce and child custody issues.

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