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Our firm prefers to handle divorce appeals through fixed fee arrangements in other words, the fee is determined before the firm begins work on the case.

Our Pricing

Our firm prefers to handle appeals through fixed-fee arrangements.  With a fixed fee arrangement, the fee is determined before the firm begins work on the case.  The fee is paid “up-front” for a predefined scope of work and does not change.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about our firm running up a large and unpredictable bill.  You pay the firm when we start working on a particular task and that is it. 

Additionally, the fixed-fee is subject to a Limited Money Back Guarantee.  As explained in more detail here, your fixed fee will be refunded with the firm representing you for free if the firm does not have a draft of your appellate brief completed for your review within forty-five days of receiving the transcript and record on appeal. 

Although the firm sets fixed fees on a case by case basis, the chart below shows the prices that the firm typically charges for appellate representation:


The fixed fees charged by the firm do not include the costs associated with the appeal, such as the filing fee and the cost of ordering transcripts or preparing the record on appeal.  These costs are paid directly by the client.

The firm also represents clients through hourly rate arrangements where the fee is not fixed and the firm charges by the hour for attorney time associated with the appeal.  Under these arrangements the firm typically requires a $10,000 retainer fee paid up-front with the attorneys in the firm charging hourly rates between $300.00-$500.00.

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