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Appealing alimony in Florida is one of the more important hat Florida Divorce Appeal Lawyers are asked to handle. Our detail guide answers your questions. 



Appeals from alimony orders are one of the more important areas of appeals that Florida Divorce Appeal Lawyers are asked to handle.  Further below are answers to commonly asked questions that Appellate Lawyers for Florida Alimony Cases receive when it comes to appealing a judge’s decision involving alimony.  Clicking on each question below will open a separate web page with a detailed answer to the particular question or explanation of the particular topic.  

Alimony appeals are especially important because if alimony has not been determined correctly, one of the spouses (either the one needing or paying alimony) can be put in an unfair and impoverished situation.  An error in determining alimony is especially problematic in cases where permanent alimony is awarded because, barring an unforeseen change in circumstances, you can be stuck with the divorce court judge’s alimony decision for a long time to come.

The most common errors committed by trial courts when it comes to alimony are: incorrectly determining one party’s need for support; ordering the wrong amount of alimony; ordering alimony for too long; incorrectly determining either party’s actual income; and incorrectly imputing (or failing to impute) income to one party.  

Below are explanations of some of the most commonly asked questions and topics that relate to appealing a Florida divorce court judge’s alimony decision:

How Does a Florida Appellate Court Review a Judge’s Alimony Decision?

What are the main factors the court is supposed to consider when determining an alimony award in Florida?

How much of an explanation for an alimony award does a Florida divorce court judge need to give in their final alimony order?

How long is too long (or too short) when it comes to a Florida alimony award?

When is a Florida divorce court judge’s alimony award excessive to the point of requiring reversal?

What expenses are supposed to be factored into determining a spouse’s need for an alimony award?

My spouse received several million dollars worth of property and also received alimony!  Can I file an appeal?

The judge did not take into account the fact that my spouse was not working as hard as they used to once the divorce case started when determining the alimony award.  Was that an error?

The judge based my ability to pay alimony on an income figure that I have not earned for years and cannot earn currently.  Is that a reversible error in Florida?

The Florida judge refused to grant my request to modify alimony even though my spouse does not need it anymore.  Can I appeal?

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