Florida Child Custody Laws | Shared Parental Responsibility

It is Florida public policy for both parents to share in responsibilities associated with raising their children. Find out when a judge can limit this.

What Restrictions Are There on a Florida Judge’s Limitation of a Parent’s Responsibility Over Their Children?

It is the public policy of the State of Florida for both parents to share in the rights and responsibilities associated with raising their children.  In nearly all cases it is an “abuse of discretion” for a judge to not order “shared parental responsibility” unless the judge issues written findings explaining how it would be “detrimental” to a child for the parents to share parental responsibilities equally. 

Also, in order for a judge to have jurisdiction to order anything besides shared parental responsibility, a parent typically needs to request sole or ultimate decision making authority in their pleadings.  The exception to this is when the parent does not sole or ultimate decision making authority in their pleadings but does so at trial without objection.

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