Florida Child Custody | Can parents decide the timeshare schedule?

Florida law requires judges to implement a clear parenting plan and timesharing schedule. Before you pay an attorney, find out answers to common questions. 

Can a Florida Judge Delegate Timesharing or Decision Making to Parents, Children or Others?

Typically it is an abuse of a Florida judge to side step a decision on a timesharing or parental responsibility and instead leave the decision up to the parents, children, or other people.  Florida law requires judges to implement a clear parenting plan and timesharing schedule so that everyone is on notice as to when each parent will see their child and how each parent should or should not make decisions affecting the children.

It is typically reversible error for a judge to order timesharing that is “up to the parents to decide”, “up to the child”, or to be determined by a mediator, parenting coordinator or third party such a Guardian Ad Litem.

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