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Find out if homosexuality, adultery or religion can affect your child custody case in Florida. Before you pay an attorney, be informed of your rights.

How Should Homosexuality/Adultery/Religion Affect a Florida Child Custody Decision?

In most cases, issues like adultery, a parent’s sexual preference or religion should not play a major part in a court’s child custody decision making.  Parents should realize that most trial judges have been de-sensitized to adultery as many divorce cases or paternity cases involve adultery in one shape or form.  Likewise, a parent’s sexual preference or religion is typically not an issue that should substantially affect a child custody determination.

The exception to the above is when an issue of adultery, sexual preference or religion is shown to have a detrimental effect upon a child.  In other words, if one parent was committing adultery literally in front of their child, it could be an issue for the court. 

Similarly, the sexual preference of a parent would only be an issue if there was proof that the parent’s sexuality was harming the child, which is difficult to prove (and parents should know that arguments that “homosexuality is immoral” will typically fail). 

Finally, religion is typically not going to be considered a detriment to the child unless the religion subjects the child to danger.  There are some examples in case law where judges limit timesharing based on a parent claiming their religion prohibits the child from going to a doctor, or being adequately cared for to the point of making it dangerous for the child to be with the other parent.  Besides those cases, Florida divorce court judges typically should not base a custody determination on religion.

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