My spouse was awarded a temporary support order and I can't pay it.

You can appeal a judge imposing a temporary relief order such as awarding temporary custody or spousal support in your Florida Divorce or Custody Case.

There is no way I can pay the temporary support award ordered.  Should I appeal?

Yes, in nearly all cases.  If you fail to seek appellate correction on an excessive temporary relief order your spouse may very well take the strategy of trying to stall your case as long as possible to bleed you out of cash and make you more likely to settle your case.

One strategy to consider is appealing the temporary relief order and simultaneously filing a motion for reconsideration with the trial court asking the trial court to correct the award.  Once the notice of appeal is filed, you can file a motion with the appellate court seeking to “remand jurisdiction” back to the trial court for a period of time to allow the trial judge to consider changing the temporary relief order to make it more liveable.  In most cases, requests to remand jurisdiction are granted.  An advantage of using this process when appropriate is that it gets the trial judge’s attention.  If the trial judge knows you have already filed a notice of appeal, they are typically going to pay closer attention to your argument as to why the temporary relief order should be changed.  

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